Electricity Purchasing

Lower your company’s electricity costs with this exclusive member benefit.

Electricity PurchasingCBIA Energy Connections has electricity purchasing programs for companies of all sizes. Member companies with electricity usage over 1 million kWh  per year can take advantage of our online auction process to secure an electricity supplier. Companies with electricity usage less than 1 million kWh per year but with demand levels of 10 kWh or higher can take advantage of our group purchasing program.

Whichever program your company falls into, we do all the work. You reap the benefits of stable, low energy prices.

Using the criteria above, select the program that best describes your company. If you’re unsure, call Tom Guerra at 860-244-1160 or Bill Walsh at 860-244-1942.

Large User Electricity Program

Small/Intermediate User Electricity Program


Advice to CBIA members as you evaluate electricity purchasing propositions.