Save on Your Electricity Costs!


Electricity Purchasing Program for Small & Intermediate Commercial and Industrial Customers 

We’ve helped over 600 CBIA member companies (totaling more than 700 million kWh annually) beat their utility generation price and stabilize their electricity costs through long-term contracts. Any member company can participate with a minimum of 10 kW demand per account. 

Our unique group purchasing program can help you too! 

Current market prices are the lowest in years, but many energy experts believe that prices will rise over the next several years. If you agree and want to stabilize your electricity generation costs, now is a great time to act! Through our program you can lock in current market prices to December 2012, 2013 or 2014. It’s your choice. 

Current Utility Generation Service Charge (GSC) Prices for 2010

$.1172 per kWh
$.1159 per kWh

Target GSC price through our program is currently $.09 or lower.

Program Eligibility

  • You must be a CBIA member company. 

  • Your demand for each account submitted must be at least 10 kW for at least one of the past 12 months. 

  • Your company’s credit rating needs to be acceptable to the electricity supplier. 

  • Residential accounts and exterior lighting accounts are not eligible. 

How to Participate 

  1. Complete all information contained in the Program Enrollment Form

  2. Carefully review the supplier contract

  3. Complete and sign the Customer Historical Usage Information Release Form

  4. Complete the Cert 115 document if you qualify for sales tax exemption. 

  5. Fax (860-293-1157) or e-mail ( all required forms, along with a complete copy of your three (3) most recent electricity bill(s). Please send all pages of your electricity bills. 

  6. We will provide you a commitment form for you to sign and return to us that will indicate:- Your agreement to enter into the supply contract, provided the final price is equal to or lower than the indicated Target Price, and your authorization allowing us to sign the supplier contract on your behalf.
    – Your grant to us of exclusivity until a specified date to secure the Target Price on your behalf. 

It’s That Easy! 

So, if you want to save money and better control your electricity costs, don’t delay! Complete the required paperwork noted above and send to us as soon as possible with a copy of your electricity bill(s). 

Please take a few moments to review our FAQ. If you have additional questions, contact Jim Bell at (860) 244-1978 or Bill Walsh at (860) 244-1942 at CBIA Energy Connections.