Carmen Brickner, Principal and Founder, Clearbrick, Inc.

Carmen Brickner is the founder and principal of CLEARbrick, Inc. In addition to her current Connecticut-based organization, she has recently expanded her service area to include an office in Tampa, Fla.

Brickner understands that people create the bottom line, so it is only logical to focus on the root cause of success or failure…the people! Brickner’s job is to help employees create mutual understanding and respect for one another and thereby improve efficiency and reduce stress in the workplace.

CLEARbrick, Inc. is dedicated to working with individuals and organizations willing to create healthy relationships and develop the culture, skills and processes necessary for sustainable innovation and financial success for all stakeholders.

Brickner’s mission for a healthy and spirited workplace has grown out of 40 years of experience in business as a CPA; a manager in large corporate finance and IT organizations; and as an international business consultant. She has 12 years of involvement with the holistic health community as well.

Always a fan of cross-training the mind, Brickner graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Connecticut, with secondary concentrations in theology/philosophy, social sciences and math from her earlier years at Bellarmine College in Louisville, Ky. She also has taken graduate courses in organizational behavior at the University of Hartford. But Brickner considers her greatest gifts to have come from the knowledge she acquired from every person, place or book she has ever encountered, and she believes that curiosity is the greatest teacher.