A Customized Wellness Plan Can Fit Your Culture, Size, and Budget

As companies become savvier about the benefits of employee health and wellness programs, many are turning to their health benefits providers, insurance companies, or to “off-the-shelf” wellness plans that they can adopt or model in determining what works best for their own organization. But what if you’re a really small company, say three or four people, or you and your staff work from home or other remote locations? While many formal wellness programs are designed for larger companies, small employers still can embrace a personalized wellness effort that recognizes the value in planning and rewarding healthy behaviors, without spending a bundle or struggling with programs designed with economy of scale in mind.

Most health benefits providers offer some type of wellness program or assistance. These typically include access to online information, a health assessment, smoking cessation plans, weight-loss options, and fitness center discounts. CBIA Health Connections employers can join Healthy Connections, CBIA’s wellness program, for free and use all the tools. But they also have access to many of the individual insurance carrier wellness benefits.

Additionally, employers can supplement these efforts by setting up their own customized wellness-support plan that would benefit its staff’s health and wellness. For instance, employers can contribute a set dollar amount each employee can use per year to help defray the costs of health- and wellness-related expenses such as fitness club or gym membership, physiotherapy, nutritional consultations, home workout equipment, registration costs for athletic team participation, and more.

The result is an all-encompassing plan tailored to the unique needs of your staff.

Employers also can sponsor their employees in individual or team charity events like organized walks, runs, tournaments, bike rides, and healthy activities of personal interest to each employee.

Selecting and supporting a fundraising event as a team is another good way to build teamwork, morale, and camaraderie.  And the more you can build in family activities, the better – it improves and strengthens home and work bonds.

There are a number of other practical ideas you can consider implementing that are wellness related, from keeping a fully equipped kitchen on your premises, to more flexible hours that make it easier for staff to walk, jog or exercise during the work day. You can add a basketball hoop or volleyball net on your property and even challenge neighboring companies to compete, purchase healthy lunches for team meetings, share pot luck meals and healthy recipes, and encourage your staff to talk to one another and with wellness experts about building individual plans that match their interest, goals, and time.

However you do it, and no matter the size of your organization, nurturing a positive work environment that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards healthy living, teamwork, and community spirit will prove beneficial to you, your employees, and your customers.


To reap the benefits of a wellness program at your company, join CBIA Healthy Connections at your company’s next renewal. It’s free as part of your participation in CBIA Health Connections!