Resolve to Establish a Wellness Champion

With the launch of each new year, health and wellness are on our minds, personally, just as organizations are concerned with the health and wellness of their bottom lines. Fortunately, these two concepts are not mutually exclusive — the link between employee wellness and organizational productivity, innovation, teamwork, quality and customer service has long been demonstrated. So as we do our 2014 planning, building in time for proactive health awareness should be part of our strategic thinking.

Organizations participating in CBIA’s Health Connections have access to online health and wellness resources, including this online monthly newsletter, Healthy Connections. But if you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to move past the lowest-hanging fruit and tackle the next simple step of appointing a Wellness Champion, someone from your organization who becomes your liaison to health and wellness information, encourages your staff to complete a simple, easy online healthcare assessment, and then participates in monthly outreach, promotes health education tools, and literally “champions” your internal health- and wellness-improvement efforts.

“When companies sign up for wellness benefits, they receive information on the role of the Wellness Champion, and then we help guide them, step by step, on duties and expectations,” explains Michelle Molyneux, insurance specialist, who oversees Healthy Connections for CBIA. “Our program is easy to implement and maintain, and beyond general support including regular emails and monthly updates, we offer a variety of financial incentives to encourage and reward participation.”

A website dedicated to health and wellness includes a dedicated portal for Wellness Champions, Molyneux says. It includes tips, best practices, access to workshops, and educational materials and videos on subjects ranging from smoking cessation and nutrition to exercise and fitness. Wellness Champions also see updates on how many employees in their companies have completed online healthcare assessments, a critical first step for designing a personal wellness program. Each employee receives a $50 Amazon gift card for completing the assessment, and each organization receives raffle “points” good toward a quarterly drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card. Additional raffle points are earned for completing online workshops and interactive educational materials.

“Wellness doesn’t have to be hard,” observes Molyneux. “Healthy habits come in many creative shapes and forms. The most important steps involve establishing a culture of wellness. Once you get started, you can take it in any direction that works for your organization or business.”

For more information on appointing a Wellness Champion, visit, or contact Michelle Molyneux (860.244.1966;

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If you’re not enjoying the benefits of a wellness program at your company, join CBIA Healthy Connections at your company’s next renewal. It’s free as part of your participation in CBIA Health Connections!