Workers’ Compensation and OSHA Forms

OSHA Form 300: Log of Work-Related Injury and Illness
This is the permanent record containing the details of every work-related illness or injury.  

For a copy of the OSHA Form 300, click here: 


 OSHA Form 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
This is a prepared annually and posted February through April.  

For a copy of the OSHA 300A Form, click here: 


 OSHA Form 301: Incident Report
This contains supplementary information about an illness or injury appearing in the log.  

For a copy of the OSHA 301 Form, click here: 

Forms can also be obtained by 

  • Contacting your local office. The telephone numbers are: Hartford area: (860) 240-3152; Bridgeport area: (203) 579-5581 
  • Ordering  through OSHA’s on-line publication order service at:


Workers’ Comp Forms  

For an index and link to Connecticut Workers’ Comp forms – including the new First Report of Injury Form: