Thomas Madersky, General Mgr/Owner, Power Specialists Assoc., Inc.

How will the outcome of the recent elections impact your business plans moving forward?

“We are Connecticut based, own three profitable S corporations and issue nearly a hundred W-2’s annually. When the president talks about taxing incomes over 250K and smugly states that only a small % of flow-through (small) businesses will be impacted, I would suggest that his economic guru’s recalculate the impact we have upon the economy.  According to the 2008 US census figures, flow through corporations with 20 or more employees:
• represented 25.9% of the entire private sector work force
• generated ~4.89 billion dollars in total receipts
• accounted for 17.4% of total receipts for all private sector companies (C Corps included)
With the yet to be determined financial implications associated with Obamacare, pending (delayed) environmental regulatory mandates, the fiscal cliff and the inevitability of tax increases at both the federal and, surprise – surprise, at the state level, does anyone wonder why those of us who are in a position to employ hesitate to do so?”

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