CBIA Government Affairs Report 4-1-11

This Week at the Capitol with Joe Brennan

CBIA’s Bill Tracker of business-related proposals in legislature 

Why the SustiNet State-Run Healthcare Plan Is Too Costly, Risky – New study shows how healthcare plan can’t really deliver on promises 

What the Legislature’s Tax-Writing Committee is Considering – Legislature’s Finance Committee working on many tax proposals

Building a Bigger UC Trust Fund Means Taking More from Economy – Labor Department wants to hedge against downturns, but could hurt recovery

Committee Takes Odd Approach to Healthcare Reform – Insurance Committee approves bill blocking experts from new board

What Is the True Cost of CT’s Green Energy Goals? – Bring benefits and higher costs, as Massachusetts is finding out

Is State Education Reform Twisting in the Wind?Positive proposals being sidetracked by inconsistency, misconceptions

Your Turn: On the Minds of Business- Tell us what are some options for cutting state spending and making government more efficient?

 Status Report of Business-Related Legislation (pdf)

 ‘Heroes for Hire’ Career Fair Recruiting Businesses

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