How You Benefit from Worksite Wellness

Healthier behaviors translate into fewer health issues within the workforce, which in turn lowers health care costs. In fact, more than 120 research studies about worksite wellness programs show improvements in employee health coupled with high returns on investments (ROI).

Major study findings include the following statistics:

  • Savings of $3.48 in reduced health care costs per dollar invested
  • Savings of $5.82 in lower absenteeism costs per dollar invested
  • ROIs of at least $3 to $8 per dollar invested within five years of program implementation
  • Lifestyle behavior change programs — $3 to $6 ROI within 2 to 5 years
  • Self care, decision support programs — $2 to $3 ROI within 1 year
  • Disease management programs — $7 to $10 ROI within 1 year

The impact of a health improvement program also goes beyond decreased health care costs and ROI. A health improvement program can affect productivity, absenteeism, morale, recruitment success, turnover, and medical care costs.